The University

Organization of the Swineport University

The university is organized around Houses. At other universities these might be called Hostels or Colleges. Most houses are organized around one master, who serves as master (or professor), principal, etc. However, a few are larger and have a principal and several masters.

Courses of Study

The Trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric

The Quadrivium: arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.

Admissions Policies


Masters (ie. Professors)

In order to become a master at the university, you must go through three levels of approval:
  1. The local lord must give you a letter of recommendations.
  2. If you are going to teach theology, philosophy, morals, or ethics, the local Bishop must gie you a “mandamus” saying you are in good standing with the Church.
  3. You must be accepted by a vote of the masters at their guild meeting. This means only two people can vote against you. If three or more vote against you, you’re out!

Student Life

Daily Schedule

  • Up very early
  • Small snack
  • Classes or church
  • 10am Breakfast
  • Morning in classes
  • Mid afternoon lunch
  • Late afternoon off
  • Serious work stops at nightfall
  • Dinner

List of Houses

Each House includes descriptions of the important faculty, staff, and students.

  • Abby House
  • House of Mahammoud al-Cairo ibn Aziz

{Summary of physical house; Summary of faculty, staff, students, and philosophy.)


Abby House

Housed in an old church, this house is run directly by the bishop. The staff are all monks who rotate in from the three local Abbies, and the students are all religious. {Summary of physical house; Summary of faculty, staff, students, and philosophy.)


House of Mahammoud al-Cairo ibn Aziz

{Summary of physical house; Summary of faculty, staff, students, and philosophy.)

Called Mahammoud by his household and students, he is is known as Aziz of Cairo to everyone else, although most just call him “the Saracen” or “the damned infidel” or worse. He has a document, sealed with the King’s own signet, saying that he can live unmolested anywhere in England, and is not subject to Church tax, and does not not need to attend church. As far as is known, he is the only person in all of England with a document like this. It allows him to live here, but does not force the townsfolk to like him.

Mahammoud is a Physician, Mathmatician, and Astronomer, who runs a college out of his own house. His household consists of himeself, his wife, one servent, three children, and between one and four students. Usually, there are just two students. He also has a grown son living abroad.


Random Facts:

Books are very rare. Each scholar should have about a 80% chance of 2d2 books, and a 20% chance of 1d6+4 books. Scholars often load books to each other, or borrow books for specific classes.

The University

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