Swineport started out as a little fishing village.

It slowly became a market village for the surounding region.

Also, it became a vacation spot in the late summer, when the sea side cooling breezes made it much nicer than inland.

Eventually it grew large enough so that a castle was build to protect it.

Over the next several hundred years, the river level rose, so that the castle could easily be flooded, by damning the river below it. So the castle was abandoned as a fortification. However it continued as a manor, and the local lord started a sideline of educating girls on how to be ladies and mistresses of a manor. This town is far from the king’s court, so many of the local lords (especially the more minor ones) did not want to send their daughters far away to the king’s court to teach them how to be ladies.

A boy’s “finishing school” was added soon after, both because of local demand, and so that the ladies would have someone to marry.

At some point, both a monistary and a nunnery were founded, partly to provide teachers for the finishing schools already there.

Still later, a few individual scholars came to live in town for various reasons.

The scholars started educating interested students, or (more accurately) children of parents who were interested in an education. Each scholar tended to have their own house, and their students tended to live there.

As these houses grew, and there came to be more of them, various forms of cooperation started. More successful scholars took over larger houses, appartment building, and occationally, whole blocks. They started hiring other teachers to form a true school. Other scholars started forming cooperatives where students could attend each other’s lessions, share books, and so on.

All of this led Swineport to have a good and growing economy. Colleges and schools were in session in the winter, in the late summer it was a holiday destination, the fishing ran all year, and there was a little cargo and marketing year round.

And that brings us to the present day.


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